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Modular Type Air Handling Unit

Available in: Cooling, Heating, Humidifying

Air Flow: 1000m³/h~300000m³/h

Refrigerant: R410A/R134A/R407C/R22

Application: Stadium, Exhibition Hall, Medicine, Electronic, Textile, Tobacco

Amrta air handing unit structure with tenon and double pillar is our new most innovative air handing unit(AHU) product that is specially designed as a solution to overcome various kind of AHU weakness in the market.


All metal elements in the cabinet are isolated by the PU foaming and the new designed rubber rib seal whose function is to eliminate thermal bridge. The structural and inner outer plate with the high density polyurethane foam form an entirety, the two structural have tightened together by bolts&nuts fastening and then sealed up with a rubber seal, had given a good air leakage solution of the unit, air leakage only 0.16%. The panel side frame patented design structure,connected by ten non and double pillar which ensure the support strength of the cabinet.


Amrta frame air handing unit possess complete function and has easy and flexible sections combination, air volume range from 1000~300000m3/h. It is widely applied in hotel, stadium, exhibition hall, office, metro, air port and etc. It can also be specially designed for medicine, electronic, textile, tobacco, and food industry and chemicals application project.


Patented Structure, Excellent Quality
Patented tennon and double pillar, PU foam, rubber rib steal isolate outer metal, which could prevent thermal bridge and provide low air leakage.
Unit is assembled by panel directly, panel frame is patent design and inner stuff is PU foaming (density:50kg/m3), ensure the strength of panel.
Every function section has service door, do ensure the positive and negative pressure section is without thermal bridge and leakage.


Aesthetic Outlook, Fashion Design
Unit panel uses high strength pre-painted steel as its external skin. The pre-painted steel has an antirust properties and is covered with a protection plastic layer to prevent any scratches during assemble and transportation.
After the panel is constructed, the corner becomes an arc structure thus providing an aesthetic outlook.


Easy Installation
Amrta air handing unit is standard module design, its width module and height module could be enlarged in scale, in order to meet different requirement at site.
All panel can be assembled or dismantled at site.
Frequently assembled or dismantled would not affect the tightness and intensity. Assembled or disassembled unit is for your choice when delivery.


Professional selection software
Graphic interface, easy operation
Different equipment is optional according to customer’s requirement
Auto output performance diagram
Confirm spare parts list, calculate the unit’s price autonomic
Output outlook diagram,design diagram and technic instruction


Modular Type Air Handling Unit Catalogue


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