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High Wall Mounted Type Fan Coil Unit

Available in: Cooling, Heating

Air Flow: 510m³/h~1360m³/h

Application: Office Building, Superstore, Hotel, Hospital, Bank, Apartment, Residential

Available in 5 models. The whole range is designed for vertical exposed mounted.


Compact design, suitable for strict space installation.


Cross-flow type balanced fan blower with 3 speeds motor, statically and dynamically balanced, low noise.


Metal casing, strength


Heat exchanger: made of copper tubes and aluminum hydrophilic fins, coil collector with air vent, partial drainage vent.


The easily removable filter is made of filtering honeycomb polypropylene fabric and supported by a plastic frame.


The drip tray is complete with a drain pump for draining the condensate water.


All electric wires are connected to enclosed electrical terminal block.


Remote controller is standard.

Model FP-51BM FP-68BM FP-85BM FP-102BM FP-136BM
Power supply ~220V 50Hz ~220V 50Hz ~220V 50Hz ~220V 50Hz ~220V 50Hz
Cooling W 2700 3600 4500 5400 7200
Heating W 4500 5400 6750 8100 10800
Air circulation(m3/h) 510 680 850 1020 1360
Water flow(m3/h) 0.52 0.62 0.86 0.98 1.22
Input power (W) 30 39 45 80 90
Input current (A) 0.14 0.18 0.21 0.36 0.43
Water pressure drop(Kpa) 14 16 18 22 25
Water-In/Out pipe ZG 1/2〃 ZG 1/2〃 ZG 1/2〃 ZG 1/2〃 ZG 1/2〃
Electric shock protection  I  I  I  I  I
Noise dB(A) 39 41 43 45 46
Net /gross (kg) 11.2/14.8 14.5/18.5 14.5/18.5 16.5/19 16.5/19
Dimension Net(mm) 795x285x215 990x330x230 990x330x230 1090x330x255 1090x330x255
Dimension Packing(mm) 905x370x283 1065x375x275 1065x375x275 1145x375x315 1145x375x315


* The data are referred to the following conditions:

Cooling: room temperature: 27 ºC, DB / 19.5 ºC WB; water temperature: 7/12 ºC, high speed.

Heating: room temperature: 20 ºC, water inlet temperature: 60 ºC, high speed. Water flow rate same as in cooling operation.

** Sound pressure measured in anechoic room 1 m away from the unit.


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