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High E.S.P. Type Fan Coil Unit

Available in: Cooling, Heating

Air Flow: 1020m³/h~3400m³/h

Application: Office Building, Superstore, Hotel, Hospital, Bank, Apartment, Warehouse

Frame and structure

Panels and frame are made of galvanized steel, properly punched and punched for fixing both accessories and the unit itself.


Heating coil

The coils are made of seamless tubes expanded into aluminum fins in continuous block. The connections have brass headers with female fittings and provided with easily accessible vent and drainage valve.


Fan deck

The fan decks are composed of double suction centrifugal fans with aluminum impellers and 3-speed fan motors. Each fan motor assembly is dynamically balanced.


Drip tray

The drip trays are made from sheet metal treated with polyester powder coating to ensure total resistance to atmospheric agents.



The easily removable filter is made of filtering honeycomb polypropylene fabric and supported by an aluminum frame. The filter is installed on the units with plenum only.


Electrical connection box

All electric wires are connected to enclosed electrical terminal block, situated on the same side of the water connections.



3 speed switch


Mechanical type for two pipe system exposed version use, working mode selection (OFF-Heating-Cooling), ventilation   (HIGH-MED-LOW) and room temperature setting.

LCD thermostat with display

Model 204WAH 238WAH 272WAH 306WAH 340WAH
Rated air volume m³/h H 2040 2380 2720 3060 3400
M 1530 1785 2040 2295 2550
L 1020 1190 1360 1530 1700
Rated cooling capacity kW 11.2 13.5 15.7 17.6 20.42
Rated heating capacity kW 16.37 18.69 20.09 21.24 24.15
Coil rows 3 3 3 3 3
Input power W 405 460 520 737 805
Noise dB(A) H 52 54 56 57 59
M 48 49 54 54 55
L 44 46 47 49 51
Water volume l/h 1926 2322 2700 3027 3512
Water pressure loss kPa 29 12.7 23.5 25 36
Net weight kg 38 40 55 56 59
External static pressure Pa 150 150 150 150 150
Motor Type E class insulation, permanent capacitor, 3 speed fan
Qty 1 1 2 2 2
Fan Type Double inlet, forward curve, multi blades, centrifugal fan
Qty 2 2 3 3 3
Water connection pipe 1”  (DN25)
Condensed water pipe 3/4”  (DN20)
Max working pressure 1.6MPa
Power supply AC 220V/50Hz



  1. The performance data is according to the test result of horizontal concealed type without plenum.
  2. Cooling condition: inlet air DBT 27oC, WBT 19.5oC, inlet water temp. 7oC, temp. Difference 5oC.
  3. Heating condition: inlet air DBT 21oC,inlet water temp. 60oC.


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